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Daily Productive Sharing 404 - More Audience or Quality Audience?

Daily Productive Sharing 404 - More Audience or Quality Audience?
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How do you maximize your impact? Is it better to go after the largest audience or the highest quality audience? Will Larson is the CTO of Calm and the author of several technical books. In his opinion, pursuing a group of high quality audience allows him to have a greater impact. For example, several of his books are about technical managers, so that most of his audience are technical managers, or developers who want to become technical managers, who read them and then make an impact in the companies they work for, meaning that Will's books have an indirect impact in the companies of his readers. This cumulative impact is much greater than his direct impact.

The same applies to our daily work, such as writing technical documentation is a very labor-intensive thing, but writing a technical document can avoid a lot of repeated verbal communication, and even in the handover will be much easier. So writing technical documentation is also a less scalable but more impactful work.

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如何让自己的影响最大化?是追求最多的受众,还是追求高质量的受众?Will Larson 是 Calm 的 CTO,也是多本技术书籍的作者。在他看来,追求高质量的受众能让他产生更大的影响。比如他的几本书籍都是关于技术经理的,这样他的大多数受众都是技术经理,或者是想成为技术经理的开发者,他们读完之后,会在所服务的公司里产生影响,也就是说 Will 的书会在他读者的公司里产生间接影响。这样的影响累计起来恐怕比他的直接影响要大得多。

同样的道理也适用于我们的日常工作,比如写技术文档是一件非常耗费心力的事,但是写一次技术文档可以避免很多重复的口头沟通,甚至在离职交接时也会轻松很多。所以这样看来,写技术文档也是一件 less scalable but more impactful work。

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