Daily Productive Sharing 405 - What is Microsoft?

Daily Productive Sharing 405 - What is Microsoft?
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What kind of a company is Microsoft? Today's sharing analyses Microsoft's long history and performance in recent years, and predicts that Microsoft could be the first company with a market capitalization of over $10T.

  1. that Microsoft has not been funded by venture capital because its profitability has been fantastic from the start.
  2. the Azure cloud business has become Microsoft's fastest growing business, compared to AWS and GCP, and it is also the fastest cloud business to reach $10B in run rate.
  3. Azure is growing very fast, slowly cannibalizing AWS's footprint.
  4. the most powerful thing about Microsoft is its To B business, which is also in its DNA. With such a popular product as Office, it is easier to upsell other To B businesses.

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  1. 微软没有通过风投融资过,因为从一开始它的盈利能力就非常棒;
  2. Azure 云业务成为微软增长最快的业务,相较于 AWS 和 GCP,它也是最快达到100亿流水的云业务;
  3. Azure 的增长非常快,慢慢地吞噬 AWS 的版图;
  4. 微软最厉害的当然还是它的 To B 业务,这也是它的基因所在。有了 Office 这么普及的产品,其他的 To B 业务当然也就比较容易捆绑销售了。

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