Daily Productive Sharing 406 - How to Reflect Your Work?

Daily Productive Sharing 406 - How to Reflect Your Work?
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Lindsay Morgia suggests that reflection at work can help us grow in our careers and even reduce burnout, either by reflecting on ourselves or by the help of trusted colleagues. Specifically, she suggests following these steps:

  1. Find a quiet place.
  2. Record your thoughts.
  3. Examine everything.
  4. Imagine the alternatives.
  5. Organize your insights.
  6. Turn your reflection into action.

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Lindsay Morgia 建议工作中的反思能够帮助我们在职业道路上成长,甚至可以减轻 burnout。我们可以自我反思,也可以拉上信任的同事帮忙反思。具体而言,她建议遵循以下步骤:

  1. 找一个安静的地方。
  2. 记录想法。
  3. 审视一切。
  4. 想象替代方案。
  5. 寻找潜在联系。
  6. 将思考转化为行动。



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