Daily Productive Sharing 408 - Diversify Your Life

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One of the most basic principles of investment is not to put your eggs in the same basket, but to diversify your investments so that you don't lose everything. DHH recommends that we practice this principle in our lives and not put all of our lives in one basket. For example, in addition to work, we also need to develop our hobbies so that even if work doesn't go well, we can get positive feedback in our hobbies. The same goes for friendships, even if you fall out with one friend, you'll be better off with other friends.

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理财有个最基本的原则就是不要把鸡蛋放在同一个篮子里,需要将投资多样化。这样不会大盘皆输。DHH 建议我们在生活中也要践行这一原理,不要将生活全部放在一个篮子里。比如除了工作,我们还需要培养自己的爱好,这样即使工作不顺,也可以在爱好中得到积极反馈。同样的,交友也是如此,即使和一个朋友闹掰了,有其他朋友也会好受些。

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