Daily Productive Sharing 409 - How to Reduce Pressure?

Daily Productive Sharing 409 - How to Reduce Pressure?
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NYT describes how high levels of chronic stress can cause serious damage to the heart and that to mitigate these damages we can:

  1. exercise consistently.
  2. improve sleep.
  3. try yoga, meditation, etc.

I started practicing meditation with the Balance app in February, and the biggest change is that I'm sleeping much better. The tutorials in Balance are step-by-step and have helped me clear up a lot of misconceptions I had about meditation. The reason why I chose Balance is simple, because it supports buyouts.

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NYT 介绍了长期的高压力会对心脏造成严重的损伤,为了减轻这些损伤,我们可以:

  1. 坚持运动;
  2. 改善睡眠;
  3. 尝试瑜伽,冥想等;

我从二月开始使用 Balance app 开始练习冥想,最大的改变就是睡眠变好了很多。而且 Balance 里的教程循序渐进,帮助我消除了之前对冥想的很多误解。最后选择 Balance 的原因也很简单,因为它支持买断。

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