Daily Productive Sharing 410 - Tech and War

Daily Productive Sharing 410 - Tech and War
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Ben Thompson analyzes the impact of the war on the technology industry.

  1. that many of the current sanctions against Russia were initiated by a number of companies on their own, not just by the government.
  2. the response of both India and China are uncertain in these two weeks.
  3. the existence of 🧱 so that China has established its own Internet system so that companies in the United States or elsewhere cannot easily sanction China.
  4. that a very important part of the U.S. and China lies in the Taiwan issue because of the existence of TSMC, which is the lifeblood of major U.S. technology companies and major Chinese technology companies.
  5. if one day SMIC or other Chinese companies mastered the manufacturing technology of 5nm or even smaller wafers, then for China, TSMC would be irrelevant.
  6. for the United States, how to deal with TSMC and China's relationship directly affects how to deal with China's semiconductor business with Russia.

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Ben Thompson 分析了战争对于科技业的影响:

  1. 目前很多针对俄罗斯的制裁是由不少公司自行发起的,而不仅仅是由政府发起的;
  2. 印度和中国在这两周的反应都不明朗;
  3. 由于🧱的存在,所以中国建立了一套自己的互联网体系,所以美国等地的公司无法轻易制裁中国;
  4. 中美在于台湾问题上,很重要的一环是因为台积电的存在,这是美国各大科技公司的命脉,也是中国各大科技公司的命脉;
  5. 假如哪一天中芯国际或者其他中国公司掌握了5nm甚至更小晶圆的制造技术,那么对于中国而言,台积电也就无关紧要了;
  6. 对于美国而言,如何处理台积电和中国的关系,直接影响了如何处理中国与俄罗斯的半导体生意。

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