Daily Productive Sharing 411 - Embrace Regrets

Daily Productive Sharing 411 - Embrace Regrets
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Daniel Pink's new book The Power Of Regrets describes how to deal with regrets. In this interview, Daniel suggests that

  1. that regret is a trait of human thinking, that only humans feel this emotion, and that it is inevitable, and that rather than just wallowing in it, we should embrace it and learn from it.
  2. there are four main categories of human regrets: foundation regrets about stability, boldness regrets about meaning, connection regrets about relationships, and moral regrets about morality.
  3. when we regret, we are actually stating that we value what we regret.
  4. when we regret, it is often accompanied by self-blame. It is very easy to blame ourselves, for example, how many times have we said thank you to ourselves?

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Daniel Pink 的新书 The Power Of Regrets 介绍了如何对待后悔。世上当然没有后悔药,但是比后悔更可怕的是我们沉浸于后悔中,而没有从这些后悔中汲取教训。Daniel 在这篇访谈中建议:

  1. 后悔是人类思考的特质,只有人才会有这种情绪,而且后悔在所难免,与其只是沉浸于这种情绪中,不如拥抱它,从中汲取教训;
  2. 人的后悔主要有四大类:foundation regrets 事关稳定性,boldness regrets 事关意义,connection regrets 事关关系,moral regrets 事关道德。
  3. 当我们后悔时,其实我们说明我们在意这件事;
  4. 当我们后悔时,常常伴随着自责。我们非常容易苛责自己,比如我们有几次对自己说过谢谢?

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