Daily Productive Sharing 413 - Strive for Simplicity

Daily Productive Sharing 413 - Strive for Simplicity
Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti / Unsplash

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Andrew Wulf has been striving for simplicity in his work since long before minimalism was po ppopular. In his view.

  1. simplicity requires more effort to achieve, a pulling back of the strings with a deeper understanding.
  2. the pursuit of simplicity is an attitude that drives you to keep pursuing and optimising.
  3. there was a time when software development had no internet, no email, not so many meetings, so engineers could spend more time delving into technology and striving for simplicity.

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早在极简主义风行之前,Andrew Wulf 就在工作中力求简洁。在他看来:

  1. 简洁需要更多的功夫才能实现,是有了更深入了解之后的抽丝剥茧;
  2. 追求简洁是一种态度,会促使你不断地追求,不断地优化;
  3. 曾经的软件开发没有互联网,没有电邮,没有那么多会议,所以工程师可以花更多的时间钻研技术,力求简洁。

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