Daily Productive Sharing 414 - How to Recruit a Data Science Head?

Daily Productive Sharing 414 - How to Recruit a Data Science Head?
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Will Larson shared their experience in hiring a Data Science Lead last year, the most important point being that they identified three core beliefs prior to the interview, which were then used as the initial screening criteria.

  1. Do they view the role of analyst as a peer role to data scientists? We wanted someone who viewed analysts are a peer role with a different skill set, not as a secondary or unnecessary role
  2. Is the ideal data science staffing model embedded, centralized, or a hybrid? We wanted someone who was open to all these staffing models but had a strong perspective on why a given model would work for a given situation
  3. Should data engineering be in the same organization as data science? We wanted someone who was “data science first” rather than a more generalized leader who stretched their attention over both fields

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Will Larson 分享了他们去年招聘数据科学主管的经历,其中最重要的一点是他们在面试前确定了三条最基本的价值观,然后以此作为初筛的条件:

  1. ta 是否将分析师的角色视为数据科学家的同行角色 - 我们希望 ta 将分析师视为具有不同技能的同行角色,而不是一个次要角色;
  2. 理想的数据科学人员配置模式是嵌入式的、集中式的还是混合式的 - 我们希望有人能对所有这些人员配置模式持开放态度,但可以针对具体场景作出调整;
  3. 数据工程应该和数据科学在同一个组织中吗? - 我们想要的是 "首先是数据科学 "的人,而不是将注意力延伸到两个领域的通用型领导。

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