Daily Productive Sharing 418 - Life Advice by Sasha Chapin

Daily Productive Sharing 418 - Life Advice by Sasha Chapin
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Sasha Chapin has collected a number of friends' life advice and offers her own insights:

  1. Remember What Used to Work, Then Do It Again
  2. When Choosing a Life Path, Think About What Contexts It’ll Place You In
  3. Minor Barriers Aren’t Minor
  4. If You Put Behavior Into the World, You Get Behavior Out
  5. Don’t Blunder
  6. It’s Unlikely for People to Be Extreme on Many Dimensions
  7. Listening Is in Your Interest, Even If You’re Totally

A friend who recently asked me if he should take up a new job offer, in his opinion, there were pros and cons to the current job and the new opportunity. Without giving an obvious answer, I asked him a number of questions to hear what he really thought (point 7), including what he thought of his current job and what he expected for the future (point 2). It was also difficult for him to choose between the two job opportunities because, either way, he would have a good career and not make a big mistake (point 5). However, he was a bit worried that the probationary period of going to a new job would make him concerned, as he had been in this self-imposed dilemma every time before (the opposite of point 1). After a long chat, I didn't have a final answer, but advised him to think about what he valued most, and then the rest of the choices would be much easier.

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Sasha Chapin 汇集了不少朋友的人生建议,并给出了自己的见解:

  1. 记住曾经行之有效的方法,然后继续尝试这些方法;
  2. 在选择人生道路时,要考虑它将把你置于什么样的环境中;
  3. 看似微小的障碍并不微小;
  4. 你如何对待这个世界,这个世界就会如何对待你;
  5. 不要犯大错;
  6. 人们不太可能在许多方面同时都很极端;
  7. 多多倾听,即使你是完全自私的人。


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