Daily Productive Sharing 424 - Avoid Remote Work Challenges

Daily Productive Sharing 424 - Avoid Remote Work Challenges
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With the recent recurrence of the epidemic, many of you may be back in remote working mode, and Matthew Weeks has a number of suggestions for optimising remote working:

  1. When working remotely and across timezones asynchronous communication is vital.
  2. Set up regular time to meet with your coworkers.
  3. Prioritize your relationships outside of work.
  4. Create a separate space for work.
  5. Take a walk before and after work.
  6. Create a work hours schedule.
  7. There are some key lessons to learn about writing:
  8. Make it friendly.
  9. Be comfortable disagreeing.
  10. Say it anyway

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最近疫情反复,很多朋友可能又回到了远程工作的模式,Matthew Weeks 给出了不少优化远程工作的建议:

  1. 当远程工作时,异步沟通至关重要。
  2. 定期与你的同事交流。
  3. 优先考虑你在工作之外的关系。
  4. 为工作创造一个独立的空间。
  5. 工作前后散步。
  6. 建立工作日程。
  7. 关于写作,有一些关键的经验:
  8. 让写作变得更友好。
  9. 对于不同意见要宽容。
  10. 不管怎么想,都要说出来

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