Daily Productive Sharing 426 - How to Build Routines?

Daily Productive Sharing 426 - How to Build Routines?
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Rosemary Orchard shares her own tips on how to build habits as many of our friends are in home quarantine due to the recent recurrence of the epidemic.

  1. Before you start getting technical, you should take a look at what it is you want to achieve with your routine.
  2. Once I’ve figured out what goes into my routine, I look at what the optimal order is.
  3. I’d highly recommend keeping track of the individual steps in your routine somewhere.
  4. Until you’ve got your routine nailed, having a checklist of what to do as part of it is crucial.

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最近国内疫情反复,很多朋友都在居家隔离中,所以建立习惯更有利于我们保持有序的生活。Rosemary Orchard 分享了自己建立习惯的诀窍:

  1. 首先你应该先看看你想通过你的日常工作达到什么目的。
  2. 一旦我弄清楚了我的习惯,我就会看看最佳的顺序是什么。
  3. 强烈建议在某个地方记录下习惯中的各个步骤。
  4. 在你掌握了你的例行程序之前,有一个检查清单是至关重要的。

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