Daily Productive Sharing 428 - Writing A Book With 10 Minutes A Day

Daily Productive Sharing 428 - Writing A Book With 10 Minutes A Day
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How, exactly, did I manage to write a book in this short a time? I had one simple rule: I had to work on the book for just ten minutes, every day, no excuses. Ever.

The original reason I tracked my time, in fact, was that I wanted to motivate myself by having a streak of days, and I figured that instead of just tallying check marks, I’d write down exactly how long I spent. It worked — I never missed a day.

All I needed to do was stare at the page for ten minutes and try to do something that felt like progress.

The other thing that really helped is that I didn’t allow myself to check my email until I worked on the book.

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Alex Allain 在2010-2011年花了不到200小时写成了 Jumping Into C++ 这本书,他是如何做到的呢?

  1. 他给自己定下一个规矩,每天必须写至少十分钟,必须完成;
  2. 他最初定下这个规矩,只是为了激励自己建立一个新习惯;
  3. 只有写完这十分钟,他才能打开邮箱;
  4. 当然又几天他也写不出新内容,所以就拿这些时间去编辑之前写的内容;

我们的 DPS 电子报也秉承同样的理念,每个工作日都更新,当然我们做不到每天准备新内容,所以都是在周末提前准备好下一周的内容,然后定期发布。回头一看,我们也坚持一年半了,只要生活中没有什么巨大的变化,我们会一直更新下去。

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