Daily Productive Sharing 436 - How to Practice Digital Declutter?

Daily Productive Sharing 436 - How to Practice Digital Declutter?

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With the rise and fall of lockdowns (home arrests) at the moment, everyone is busy with online grocery shoping the internet and constantly refreshing trying to get the latest news. Every day the internet takes over our lives and our mental state changes with it. Perhaps it's time to start experimenting with digital minimalism, and Shawn Blanc suggests spending 30 days practising digital minimalism.

  1. digital minimalism is not just an slogan, but an opportunity to rethink the value of our lives.
  2. digital minimalism is like a blank sheet of paper that gives us the opportunity to plan our digital lives from scratch.
  3. that when undertaking digital minimalism, we would do well to find alternative hobbies so that our lives are occupied with them.
  4. we need to constantly reflect and review our digital lives.

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此起彼伏的封城当下,大家忙着在网上抢购,不停地刷新想获取最新的消息。每天网络占据我们的生活,我们的精神状态也随着网络变化而变化。也许是时候开始尝试数字极简了。Shawn Blanc 建议花三十天时间来践行数字极简:

  1. 数字极简不仅仅是一个空洞的口号,而是一个让我们重新思考生命价值的机会;
  2. 数字极简就像一张白纸,让我们有机会从零开始规划自己的数字生活;
  3. 进行数字极简时,我们最好找到替代的爱好,这样我们的生活就会被这些爱好所占据;
  4. 我们需要不断反思,回顾自己的数字生活。

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