Daily Productive Sharing 437 - How to Read More Books?

Daily Productive Sharing 437 - How to Read More Books?
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Fernando Gros gives three parts of advice: how to read more, how to find books, how to get books?

How to read more?

  1. save some of the time you spend on social media each day for reading;
  2. place books randomly around the house so as to ensure that you have time to reach for them, e.g. in the kitchen, bathroom, etc., not just in the study;
  3. make sure that whenever you pick up a book you read it for a certain amount of time before putting it down;
  4. try to read shorter books so that you can read more books;
  5. being able to read books on different topics at the same time.

How do I find books?

  1. many professors will share their book lists, which will focus on a particular subject;
  2. many newspapers and magazines will publish annual book lists;
  3. many podcasts / blogs will recommend book lists.

How do I get a book?

  1. if there is a bookshop in your city, establish a good relationship with them;
  2. buy them from the kindle store or other e-book sites;
  3. many books are already available online for free.

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如何多读书?Fernando Gros 给出了三部分建议:如何多读书,如何找书,如何获得书?


  1. 把每天花在社交媒体上的时间省出一部分到读书上;
  2. 在家里随意摆放书籍,这样确保有时间就能拿读书,比如厨房,洗手间等等,而不仅仅是在书房里;
  3. 每次拿起书就确保自己读一定的时间才能放下;
  4. 尽量读比较短的书籍,这样可以在单位时间内读更多的书;
  5. 可以同时读不同主题的书。


  1. 很多教授都会分享自己的书单,这些书单会集中在某个主题上;
  2. 很多报纸杂志会推出年度书单;
  3. 不少 podcast / blog 都会推荐书单。


  1. 如果你所在的城市有书店,可以与他们建立良好的关系;
  2. 从 kindle store 或者其他电子书上电购买
  3. 不少书籍本来就在网上免费发布。

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