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Daily Productive Sharing 440 - How to Live Like Dwayne Johnson?

Daily Productive Sharing 440 - How to Live Like Dwayne Johnson?
Photo by Ben Karpinski / Unsplash

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Dwayne Johnson was interviewed by The Talks and shared his attitude towards life.

  1. that he really enjoys his work as an actor, which in his opinion is a reward for sweat equity;
  2. the importance of maintaining balance in his life so that he can stay in good shape for the long term;
  3. that when he was young he was also poor, but at that time he was convinced that with his own hands he could change things;
  4. being an only child, he wasn't very good at sharing his thoughts with people and this caused him a lot of suffering. But he slowly learnt to open up and share his emotions with people. This has slowly made him a batter shape.

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巨石强森接受了 The Talks 的访谈,分享了他的人生态度。

  1. 他非常享受自己的演员工作,在他看来,这是用汗水获得的奖励;
  2. 在生活在保持平衡非常重要,这样才能保持长期的良好状态;
  3. 在他年轻时,他也穷困潦倒过,但当时的他坚信凭借自己的双手可以改变一切;
  4. 因为是独生子,所以他并不擅长和人分享自己的想法,这让他备受煎熬。但他慢慢学着敞开心胸,和人分享自己的情绪。这让他慢慢走了出来。

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