Daily Productive Sharing 442 - Why Shall We Read the Bible?

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Although David Perell is not a believer, he recommends that everyone should read the Bible:

  1. that the Bible is the cornerstone of Western culture and that one cannot fundamentally understand Western culture without reading the Bible.
  2. many of the classical writings are based on re-creations of the Bible, and reading the Bible helps to understand these writings.

In fact, there are quite a few interesting stories in the Bible, and I used to spend a lot of time reading them, just like reading mythology in general.

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尽管 David Perell 并不是信徒,但他推荐大家阅读圣经:

  1. 圣经是西方文明的奠基石,不阅读圣经,就无法从根本上了解西方文明;
  2. 不少经典著作是基于圣经的再创作,阅读圣经有助于理解这些著作。


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