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Daily Productive Sharing 445 - What Is Version Control?

Daily Productive Sharing 445 - What Is Version Control?
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Version control tools are an essential tool for modern programming, and this popular article by Professor Daniel Lemire provides an exhaustive overview of.

  1. the need: why version control tools were created.
  2. mathematical principles: how dynamic programming can be used to model this complex problem.
  3. history: the evolution of tools like SCCS, RCS, CVS, subversion, and Git.

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版本控制工具是现代编程的必备工具,Daniel Lemire 教授的这篇科普文,详尽梳理了版本控制工具的:

  1. 需求:为什么会有版本控制工具;
  2. 数学原理:如何使用动态规划来为这一复杂问题建模;
  3. 历史:SCCS, RCS,CVS,subversion 和 Git 等工具的不断进化

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