Daily Productive Sharing 446 - How to Reach Your Goal?

Daily Productive Sharing 446 - How to Reach Your Goal?
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In his book The Principles, Ray Dalio describes his five steps to achieving your goals.

  1. Identify your goals.
  2. Encounter your problems.
  3. Diagnose the problems to get to their root cause.
  4. Design changes to get around the problems.
  5. Do what is needed.

For example, when we want skilled migration, we can also follow these five steps.

  1. Identify possible candidate countries;
  2. Carefully understand the pros and cons of these countries and study their immigration policies.
  3. See if you meet these immigration requirements.
  4. How to get yourself to meet these conditions if you do not, and if so, how to start acting as soon as possible.
  5. Start preparing.

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Ray Dalio 在《原则》一书中介绍了自己实现目标的五个步骤:

  1. 找出你的目标;
  2. 面对你的问题;
  3. 诊断问题以找到其根本原因;
  4. 规划解决这些问题的方式;
  5. 做需要的事。


  1. 找出可能的候选国家
  2. 认真了解这些国家的利弊,并研究他们的移民政策;
  3. 看自己是否满足这些移民条件;
  4. 如果不满足的话,如何让自己满足这些条件,如果满足的话,如何尽快开始行动;
  5. 开始行动。

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