Daily Productive Sharing 449 - A More Efficient Meeting

Daily Productive Sharing 449 - A More Efficient Meeting
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Compare to conventional meetings, silent meeting are more effeicnt. Slab defined three steps of a slient meeting:

  1. The pre-meeting preparation, where individuals brainstorm ideas on their own, in writing
  2. The silent meeting table read, where attendees review their colleagues’ ideas in silence
  3. The discussion portion, where attendees now have the context needed to exchange ideas

They further provided the details tips of silent meetings:

  1. Prepare an agenda with a narrow focus. One topic is ideal.
  2. Choose a facilitator. Don’t always default to the same people.
  3. Create a “table read” for attendees to digest at the start of the meeting.
  4. During the table read, teammates will surely have ideas or comments come to mind. Have them write those out.
  5. Engage in a facilitator-led discussion where the team synthesizes the information read, as well as the comments that stemmed from the reading.

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相较于传统会议,无声会议的效率更高。Slab 介绍了无声会议的三个步骤:

  1. 准备工作:与会者以书面形式集思广益;
  2. 无声桌读:与会者在无声中理解其他人的想法;
  3. 讨论部分:与会者有了交流想法所需的背景知识。

至于如何准备无声会议,Slab 也给出了详细建议:

  1. 准备一个有重点的议程。聚焦于一个话题是最理想的。
  2. 选择一个主持人。不要总是默认相同的人。
  3. 在会议开始时,为与会者创建一段专心阅读时间,供大家理解。
  4. 在专心阅读过程中,与会者肯定会想到一些想法或意见。让他们把这些内容写出来。
  5. 在主持人的引导下进行讨论,让团队综合各种信息。

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