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Daily Productive Sharing 452 - What Did Neil Kakkar Learn in 2019?

Daily Productive Sharing 452 - What Did Neil Kakkar Learn in 2019?
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Neil Kakkar sums up what he has learned in the year 2019, and the following have been very inspiring to me as well.

  1. Choose interesting people as sources of information, set up filters on your sources, and increase your consumption bandwidth.
  2. For any long term project, build platforms before optimizations.
  3. Habits are platforms.
  4. To create knowledge, you need to form connections between the ideas and facts you have.
  5. Irritations are a mind and mood killer. Instead of accepting it, I find a way to get rid of it.
  6. Don’t make the same decisions again, every day. Just fix them. Make the decision once, and then decide to do the same thing every day.

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Neil Kakkar 总结了自己在2019年一年中感悟的道理,以下这些对我也有很大的启发:

  1. 要想获得更有价值的信息,我们需要选择有趣的人作为信息来源,过滤你的来源,并增加你的消费带宽。
  2. 对于任何长期项目,在优化之前先建立系统。
  3. 习惯就是一个系统。
  4. 为了建立知识,你需要在想法和事实之间形成联系。
  5. 烦躁是一种思想和情绪的杀手。不要忍受它,而要找到了摆脱它的方法。
  6. 做一次决定,然后决定每天做同样的事情。

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