Daily Productive Sharing 453 - Creation and Compression

Daily Productive Sharing 453 - Creation and Compression
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David Perell discusses the relationship between creation and compression.

  1. all creation is a compression process, just like when we extract maple syrup from maple trees.
  2. in this compression process, we constantly discard some of the content, even some quality content, only then we may end up with a quality output.
  3. of course the whole compression process can be a long one, just like collecting raw syrup from maple trees, so it is very important to understand where to go for inspiration.

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David Perell 讨论了创作与提炼的关系:

  1. 所有的创作都是一个提炼过程,就像我们从枫树提取枫叶糖浆一样;
  2. 在这一提炼过程中,我们会不断舍弃一部分内容,甚至是一些优质内容,只有这样我们才可能最终获得优质的产出;
  3. 当然整个提炼过程可能是一个漫长的过程,就像从枫树采集原始糖浆那样,所以要明白去哪找灵感非常重要。

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