Daily Productive Sharing 455 - What Did iPod Bring to Us?

Daily Productive Sharing 455 - What Did iPod Bring to Us?
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Last year was the 20th anniversary of the iPod, and Om Malik wrote this memoir:

  1. the release of the iPod marked the beginning of Apple's resurgence, when Apple stock was trading at $0.33, and at the time of this writing last year, it was trading at $148.69, 450 times.
  2. the release of the iPod also marked the beginning of a revolution in the music industry.
  3. without the iPod, there would be no iPhone, no iPad, no Apple Music.
  4. if the digital camera made photos abstract, the iPod made music abstract, and the iPhone abstracted payment/transportation/dining and many other aspects of life, and most importantly, the iPhone abstracted the iPod.

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去年是 iPod 发布二十周年,Om Malik 写下了这篇回忆文章:

  1. iPod 的发布标志着 Apple 复兴的开始,当时 Apple 股价只有 $0.33,而去年写下这篇文章时,股价已经达到 $148.69,整整450倍;
  2. iPod 的发布也标志着音乐产业革命的开始;
  3. 如果没有 iPod,也就没有 iPhone,没有 iPad,没有 Apple Music;
  4. 如果说数码相机将照片变得抽象的话,那么 iPod 将音乐变得抽象,而 iPhone 更是将支付/交通/餐饮等等生活的各方面都抽象化了,最重要的是,iPhone 将 iPod 抽象化了。

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