Daily Productive Sharing 465 - Lessons From Nomadic Travels

Daily Productive Sharing 465 - Lessons From Nomadic Travels
Photo by Jyotirmoy Gupta / Unsplash

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Edmond Lau shares what he has learned from his non-stop travels over the past year:

  1. Open-ended travel has forced us to live intentionally and to understand what it truly means to live.
  2. Do something because you want to — even if it’s different than what others want.
  3. Without our health, everything else suffers.
  4. Traveling separately creates the space for us to miss each other and for us to get our own needs met — so that we can feel reinvigorated when we reunite again.

Prior to the trip, they set three goals:

  1. Investing in our personal growth as individuals and as a couple.
  2. Spending immersive time connecting with loved ones we want to deepen our relationships with.
  3. Experiencing awe and wonder from beauty in nature.

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Edmond Lau 分享了自己过去一年不间断旅行的心得。

  1. 不间断旅行迫使他们有意识地生活,并理解什么是真正的生活。
  2. 做你想做的事 -- 即使它们与别人的理解不同。
  3. 没有健康,其他一切都会受到影响。
  4. 分开旅行为我们创造了想念对方的空间,也为我们满足自己的需求创造了空间--这样,当我们再次团聚时,我们就能重新振作起来。


  1. 投资于我们作为个人和夫妻的成长。
  2. 花时间与我们想加深关系的亲人联系。
  3. 从大自然中体验敬畏和惊奇。

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