Daily Productive Sharing 466 - Mental Challenges in Remote Work

Daily Productive Sharing 466 - Mental Challenges in Remote Work
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Amir Salihefendic, founder of Doist, says remote workers and digital nomads face greater psychological challenges because they can be in a perpetual state of isolation. In response, he introduces how Doist, a remote-first company, is helping their employees cope with this challenge.

  1. Openly acknowledging that there can be serious mental health issues related to remote work.
  2. Creating an environment that encourages open conversations about these hard topics and not making them a taboo.
  3. If a person is having problems with depression, anxiety, or stress then we should be there 100% for them.
  4. 40 days paid vacation per year.
  5. Encouraging people to use sick days for mental health when they need them.

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Doist 的创始人 Amir Salihefendic 表示远程工作者和数字游民面临更大的心理挑战,因为他们可能长期处于一种孤独的状态中。针对这些,他介绍了 Doist 作为一家远程优先的公司是如何帮助他们的员工应对这一挑战的:

  1. 公开承认可能存在与远程工作有关的心理健康问题。
  2. 鼓励公开谈论这些困难,不要让它们成为一个禁忌。
  3. 如果一个人有抑郁症、焦虑症或压力的问题,那么我们应该100%地支持他们。
  4. 给予员工每年40天的带薪休假。
  5. 鼓励人们在需要时使用病假来治疗心理健康。

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