Daily Productive Sharing 468 - How to Think Yourself?

Daily Productive Sharing 468 - How to Think Yourself?
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Paul Graham points out that independent thinking is made possible by three main components:  fastidiousness about truth, resistance to being told what to think, and curiosity. If we want to improve our ability to think independently, we can:

  1. One of the most effective techniques is one practiced unintentionally by most nerds: simply to be less aware what conventional beliefs are.
  2. It matters a lot who you surround yourself with.
  3. The most general is to cultivate an attitude of skepticism.
  4. The end goal is not to find flaws in the things you're told, but to find the new ideas that had been concealed by the broken ones.
  5. The most important active step you can take to cultivate your curiosity is probably to seek out the topics that engage it.

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Paul Graham 指出独立思考主要由三部分促成:对真理的追求,对循规蹈矩的抗拒,以及好奇心。如果我们想要提高自己独立思考的能力,我们可以:

  1. 最有效的技巧是大多数独立思考者无意中拥有的,比如忽略循规蹈矩就是其一。
  2. 你身边的人很重要。
  3. 培养一种怀疑主义的态度。
  4. 怀疑主义最终的目标不是找到缺陷,而是找到解决这一问题的新思路。
  5. 为了培养好奇心,你需要尽可能地寻找吸引你的话题。

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