Daily Productive Sharing 471 - Some Tips to Improve Your Daily Use of Computers

Daily Productive Sharing 471 - Some Tips to Improve Your Daily Use of Computers
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One helpful tip per day:)


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Former Google engineer Matt Richard shares some advanced computer use tips, some of which are particularly helpful:

  1. search with search operators (basically common across search engines): e.g. find a specific file type, e.g. add filetype:pdf to the query. Limit the results to a certain website site:letters.acacess.com.
  2. Use [Internet Archive Chrome Extension](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wayback-machine/fpnmgdkabkmnadcjpehmlllkndpkmiak?hl =en-US) to cross the paywall.
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible.
  4. In Gmail, you can add + to your address and follow it with any text or label. If my email is mattrickard+twitter@gmail.com mattrickard+anything@gmail.com it will go to mattrickard@gmail.com.
  5. Use two-factor authentication and avoid using SMS authentication.
  6. Use automatically generated passwords or password managers.

I myself have practiced for many years.

  1. I use all the basic shortcuts on the Mac by heart, such as ⌘+ , which will go to the settings screen; triple-clicking the touchpad will select the entire line of text; Ctrl + A to go back to the beginning of the line, Ctrl + E to the end of the line, etc..
  2. when using email registration, all use the form of username plus abbreviated suffix, such as registering a gym account is username + ft@gmail.com, so that I myself know what it means, and will not cause curiosity to the other party.
  3. I am a 1Password's loyal users for many years; and use Authy acquired by Twillo as the 2FA authenticator.

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前 Google 工程师 Matt Richard 分享了一些进阶电脑使用技巧,其中一些尤为重要:

  1. 搜索时用搜索运算符(各个搜索引擎基本通用):比如查找特定的文件类型,如在查询中加入filetype:pdf。将结果限制在某个网站上 site:letters.acacess.com.
  2. 使用 Internet Archive Chrome Extension 跨越付费墙。
  3. 尽可能使用键盘快捷方式。
  4. 在Gmail中,你可以在你的地址上添加+,并在后面加上任何文字或标签。如果我的电子邮件是mattrickard+twitter@gmail.com mattrickard+anything@gmail.com会送到mattrickard@gmail.com
  5. 使用双因素认证,尽量避免使用短信认证。
  6. 使用自动生成的密码或密码管理器。


  1. Mac 上的基本快捷方式都烂熟于胸,比如 ⌘+ ,会进入设置界面;三击触摸板会选中整行文本;Ctrl + A 回到行首,Ctrl + E 到行尾等等;
  2. 使用邮箱注册的时候,都使用用户名加缩写后缀的形式,比如注册健身房的账号就是 用户名+ft@gmail.com,这样我自己知道是什么意思,也不会引起对方的好奇;
  3. 1Password 的多年忠实用户;多重验证使用 Twillo 收购的 Authy。

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