Daily Productive Sharing 474 - How to Negotiate Salary?

Daily Productive Sharing 474 - How to Negotiate Salary?
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Heather Phillips introduces some tips to negotiate with companies after receiving an offer:

  1. Be polite in all your communications, and you’ll find that companies will be happy to engage.
  2. Make sure you and your potential employer are on the same page about your role before you sign an offer.
  3. For earlier-stage companies, you might consider doing a “reference check” by requesting to speak with an investor or advisor to the company.
  4. Many candidates only interact with the recruiter, but some conversations are more fruitful if people ask to connect with interviewers directly.
  5. Negotiate for what you’re worth. You can use tools such as LinkedIn Salary, Glassdoor, and Comparably to find salary benchmarks for your experience level and city.
  6. Know that you are not required to disclose this number (previous salary) at any point during interviews or negotiations.
  7. Take time think about your offer and do final research. At minimum, sleep on it, no matter how excited you are to say yes.

I have a few tips of my own on how to communicate with interviewers.

  1. if it's a modest company, you can find their employees directly on LinkedIn under the company page and send them an invitation, attaching a short message to them.
  2. we can even contact their CEO or your future line manager directly.
  3. we can even assess the this company through the experience and background of these employees.
  4. if you're lucky, you'll hear back from them or even meet them offline.

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Heather Phillips 介绍了在收到录用通知之后,如何与公司谈判的一些方法:

  1. 在所有的沟通中都要保持礼貌;
  2. 在签合同之前,确保你和潜在雇主对你的角色有相同的看法;
  3. 对于处于早期阶段的公司,你可以考虑通过与公司的投资者交谈来进行评估;
  4. 许多候选人只与猎头互动,但如果要求直接与面试官对话,有些对话会更有成效;
  5. 为你的身价进行谈判。你可以使用LinkedIn SalaryGlassdoorComparably等工具来寻找薪金基准;
  6. 要知道,在面试或谈判期间,你不需要在任何时候透露以前的工资;
  7. 花时间考虑并做最后的研究。


  1. 如果是一家不大的公司,可以直接在 LinkedIn 上的公司页面下找他们的雇员,然后发邀请给他们,记得写一点消息给他们;
  2. 我们甚至直接可以和他们的 CEO 或者你未来的直属上级联系;
  3. 通过这些雇员的经历和背景,我们甚至可以评估这家公司的实力;
  4. 如果你运气好的话,就会收到他们的回复,甚至是线下见面的机会。

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