Daily Productive Sharing 478 - How to Face Death?

Daily Productive Sharing 478 - How to Face Death?
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Professor David Linden was diagnosed with malignant synovial sarcoma and was not long from dying. He then wrote this reflection:

  1. The first thing, I’m simultaneously furious at my terminal cancer and deeply grateful for all that life has given me.
  2. This leads me to a second insight: The deep truth of being human is that there is no objective experience.
  3. My mind skitters across the surface of my impending death without truly engaging. I don’t think this is a personal failing. Rather, it’s a simple result of having a human brain.

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David Linden 教授被诊断患有恶性滑膜肉瘤,离死去不久了。于是他写下了这篇反思:

  1. 我同时对癌症晚期感到愤怒,并对生命给予我的一切深表感激。
  2. 所有体验都是主观的,没有客观的体验。
  3. 我的思想在我即将到来的死亡前轻轻掠过,而没有真正参与。我不认为这是我个人的失败。

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