Daily Productive Sharing 484 - Be Wise With Money

Daily Productive Sharing 484 - Be Wise With Money
Photo by Christine Roy / Unsplash

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With the current downward pressure on the economy, it's time to review our attitudes toward money. Barry Ritholtz asked people last year about their views on money, and the following three are the most mentioned ones:

  1. Live below your means.
  2. Compound interest is magic.
  3. Pay yourself first.

More answers can be found here: https://twitter.com/ritholtz/status/1410655140722491398

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目前经济下行压力巨大,也是时候回顾我们对待金钱的态度了。Barry Ritholtz 在去年就问了大家的金钱观,下面三条是最普遍的:

  1. 生活在你的能力范围内。
  2. 重视复利。
  3. 先付钱给自己。

更多的金钱观都在这条下面的回复里: https://twitter.com/ritholtz/status/1410655140722491398

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