Daily Productive Sharing 487 - Writing 3 Books in Months

Daily Productive Sharing 487 - Writing 3 Books in Months
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Nathan Barry, the founder of ConvertKit, wrote three books in nine months. How? He kept writing 1,000 words a day for 253 days. That's Nathan's average speed, and while that's not fast compared to others' top speeds, thanks to his persistence, he ended up accomplishing more of his goals with less time.

Our DPS has been sticking to the simple goal of sharing one article a day since the beginning, and to our surprise, this little persistence is almost two years old, and we can proudly say that we haven't missed a single day in the past two working days. Of course, we still want to thank everyone for your support as always.

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ConvertKit 的创始人 Nathan Barry 曾经在九个月里写完了三本书,他是如何做到的?很简单,他每天坚持写1000个词,坚持写了253天。这就是 Nathan 的平均速度,尽管和其他人的最高速度比起来,这样的速度并不快,但得益于他的坚持,他最终在短时间内完成了更多目标。

我们的 DPS 从一开始就坚持每天分享一篇文章的小目标,没想到这一点点坚持也快两年了,我们可以骄傲地说,在过去两年的工作日里,我们没有一天错过。当然了,还是要感谢大家一如既往地支持。

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