Daily Productive Sharing 488 - Thoughts After Reading 400 Books

Daily Productive Sharing 488 - Thoughts After Reading 400 Books
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One helpful tip per day:)

Chip Huyen, who has read almost 400 books in the past decade, shares how she picks her books:

  1. The popularity of a book correlates poorly with how much I like it.
  2. I avoid reading more than one book on the same topic by the same author. Subsequent books tend to repeat the first.
  3. I avoid authors who fall for what I call the Malcolm Gladwell fallacy: they sacrifice the truth for the sake of crafting a narrative.
  4. I avoid books whose marketing strategies rely on the authors’ names instead of the books’ actual content, e.g. memoirs of celebrities.
  5. I avoid books on fashionable topics. What is timely is the least likely to stand the test of time.
  6. I love it when someone spends their entire life on one topic and then writes a book about it.
  7. Some books follow the 80/20 rule: you can get 80% out of a book by reading 20% of it. The first 20% of The Power Broker is a masterpiece. The rest is just dragging on.
  8. It’s ok to appreciate someone’s intellect despite their personality.

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Chip Huyen 在过去十年里读了差不多400本书,她分享了自己是如何挑书的:

  1. 一本书的流行程度与我对它的喜欢关联不大。
  2. 我避免阅读一个作者同一主题的多本书籍。之后的书往往会重复第一本书。
  3. 我避免阅读那些为了编造故事而牺牲了真相的书籍。
  4. 我避免阅读名人的回忆录。
  5. 我避免阅读流行话题的书籍。时髦的东西最不可能经得起时间的考验。
  6. 我喜欢有人把自己的一生都花在一个主题上,然后就这个主题写一本书。
  7. 有些书遵循80/20法则:你可以通过阅读一本书的20%来获得80%的收获。
  8. 可以忽略一个人的个性,而欣赏 ta 的智力。

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