Daily Productive Sharing 490 - Finding Similarities From Roots

Daily Productive Sharing 490 - Finding Similarities From Roots
Photo by Zach Reiner / Unsplash

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Edmond Lau came from a Chinese immigrant family in San Francisco and grew up helping his family with their Chinese medicine store. He vowed early on to break away from this life, which he did not long after graduation. Years later, when he returned to visit his grandmother, he was surprised to find that he and his ancestors were strikingly similar:

  1. generations of pharmacists, his grandfather being a very famous doctor; and he is willing to help others grow;
  2. his father ran an institute of Chinese herbal medicine, and he himself wrote books to guide others;
  3. both of his parents made their living in business, and he himself started his own entrepreneurial journey.

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Edmond Lau 出身于一个旧金山的中国移民家庭,从小就帮助家里打理中药店。他很早就发誓要脱离这样的生活,毕业没多久他就做到了。多年之后,当他回去探望外祖母时,惊讶地发现他和祖先们惊人地相似:

  1. 世代以药店为生,他的祖父是很有名的医生;而他自己也乐于助人,帮助他人成长;
  2. 他的父亲开了一家中药学院,而他自己写书也是为了引导他人;
  3. 父母两边都是经商为生,而他自己也开始了自己的创业之旅。

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