Daily Productive Sharing 493 - Life Is Not Short

Daily Productive Sharing 493 - Life Is Not Short
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After reading the book On the Shortness of Life by Lucius Aeneus Seneca, DXB presents the essence of the book in a fictional conversation with Seneca:

  1. life is not short, what kills us is that we keep wasting it.
  2. we focus on frugality in material, but not at all in time.
  3. we often hope for a future that is out of our control, instead of being mindful about the present.
  4. we should not waste our time on people and things that do not matter.

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卢修斯·阿内乌斯·塞内卡 曾经著有 On the Shortness of Life 一书,DXB 读完这本书之后,以与塞内卡对谈的形式将这本书中的精华展现给大家:

  1. 生命并不短暂,要命的是我们一直在浪费;
  2. 我们在物质上注重节俭,但是在时间上一点都不节俭;
  3. 我们常常寄希望于不在掌控中的未来,而不在意当下;
  4. 我们应该不要把时间浪费在无关紧要的人和事上。

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