Daily Productive Sharing 497 - How to Face Death?

Daily Productive Sharing 497 - How to Face Death?
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Marcus Aurelius was one of the greatest emperors of the Roman Empire and a Stoic philosopher. After reading many of his writings, DKB presents the essence of his thought in the form of a frictional interview:

  1. Don't let anything get in the way of your pursuit of a good life, whether it be fame, wealth, or sensual pleasures.
  2. You need choose what kind of life you need to choose,and what kind of life you need to live, and then work towards those directions without hesitation.
  3. If someone makes a mistake, we should correct them with empathy.
  4. Death will come eventually. We should be concerned if we live a better life, rather than fearing it.
  5. You cannot decide when you come into this world, and you cannot decide when you leave it.

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马可·奥勒留是罗马帝国最伟大的皇帝之一,同时也是一位斯多葛派哲学家。DKB 阅读了他写的诸多著作之后,以访谈的形式展现他的思想精华:

  1. 不要让任何事物阻碍你追求美好生活,不管是名声,财富,抑或是暂时的享受;
  2. 你需要选择什么样的人生,什么样的生活,然后坚定不移地朝这些方向努力;
  3. 如果有人犯了错,我们在纠正他们时,要心存同情;
  4. 死亡终究会到来,我们应该关心如果活得更好,而不是惧怕死亡;
  5. 你决定不了自己什么时候来到这个世上,你也无法决定自己什么时候离开这个世界。

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