Daily Productive Sharing 498 - How to Grow Step by Step?

Daily Productive Sharing 498 - How to Grow Step by Step?
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One helpful tip per day:)

It sounds easy to persist in doing something every day, but it's not easy to do. Nonetheless, Fernando Gros recommends that we persist:

  1. if we keep improving a little bit every day, we will eventually see a fundamental change.
  2. making a little progress every day will prevent us from giving up quickly on a whim.
  3. a little bit of progress every day will help us to prioritize and do the most important things first.

We have been insisting on updating DPS every day for 100 weeks. In addition to the above, we feel that insisting on a little bit every day has another benefit, which in turn gives us the motivation to push us to keep going and persevere.

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每天坚持一点点听起来是件很容易的事,但做起来并不容易。尽管如此,Fernando Gros 仍然建议我们坚持:

  1. 只要每天坚持进步一点点,我们最终会看到质的改变;
  2. 每天进步一点点,可以防止我们一时兴起而很快放弃;
  3. 每天坚持一点点促使我们重视优先级,先做最重要的事。

我们坚持每天更新 DPS 已经一百周了,除了上面这些以外,我们觉得每天坚持一点点还有一个好处,就是反过来给了我们动力,促使我们一直坚持下来,并且坚持下去。

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