Daily Productive Sharing 500- A Big Idea

Daily Productive Sharing 500- A Big Idea
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In the blink of an eye, DPS has come to its 500th issue. In the past 500 issues we have focused on one theme, how to be more efficient, whether it is time management, reading or job hunting, we have covered it all. In the future, we will continue to focus on this topic.

Like this article by David Perell, a lot of success is built on the same theme, going deeper and deeper, iterating. For example, Rich Barton, who founded Expedia, Zillow and Glassdoor, all three companies were built on the theme of eliminating information gaps: information gaps in airfare and hotel prices, information gaps in real estate prices and information gaps in the workplace.

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一转眼,DPS 来到了第五百期。过去这五百期我们都围绕一个主题,如何提高效率,不管是时间管理也好,阅读也好,找工作也好,我们都有所涉及。在未来,我们仍旧会专注在这一主题上。就像 David Perell 写的这篇文章一样,很多成功都是建立在同一个主题上,不断深入,不断迭代。比如创立了 Expedia,Zillow 和 Glassdoor 的 Rich Barton,这三家公司都是建立在消除信息差这一主题上:机票酒店价格的信息差,房地产价格的信息差和职场的信息差。

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