Daily Productive Sharing 505 - How to Write a Good Review?

Daily Productive Sharing 505 - How to Write a Good Review?
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One helpful tip per day:)

Whenever Apple releases a new hardware, there are only two reviews I read: one is AnandTech, whose reviews use very informative data to analyze their performance; the second is John Gruber's [DaringFireball](https:// daringfireball.net), who always uses subtle metaphors to share his experiences, conveying very hardcore data in such a clever way.

For example, in this article introducing Macbook Air with M2 chip, he says that people who bought Macbook Pro 13inch with M1 chip before are similar to people who buy SUVs or large pickup trucks, they think they need a very high performance tool, but after they buy it, it's just for grocery shopping. Another example, he said, many people question the performance of the M1 chip, but don't want to experience it firsthand. It's the same as someone who has never used a flush toilet, and they still only have the concept of outdoor toilets in their heads. So it's hard to convince them, and the only way to do it is to let them experience it for themselves.

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每次 Apple 发布新硬件产品,我只看两个评测:一是 AnandTech,他们的评测都会用非常翔实的数据来分析性能;二是 John Gruber 的 DaringFireball,他总能用巧妙的比喻来分享自己的体验,把非常硬核的数据用这种巧妙的方式传达出来。

比如这篇介绍 Macbook Air with M2 chip 的文章里,他说之前买 Macbook Pro 13inch with M1 chip 的人和很多人买 SUV 或者大型皮卡的人类似,他们觉得自己需要性能很强的工具,但是买了之后也就是买买菜。比如他说,很多人质疑 M1 芯片的性能,但又不愿亲身体验,这就和一个从来没用过抽水马桶的人一样,他们的脑子里还只有室外如厕的概念。所以说服他们很难,只有让他们亲身体验才行。

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