Daily Productive Sharing 508 - How to Write Weekly Summary for Work?

Daily Productive Sharing 508 - How to Write Weekly Summary for Work?
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One helpful tip per day:)

swyx describes how to write a public weekly summary of your work.

  1. take 15 minutes to write a summary that others can read in 5 minutes.
  2. the most important thing is to stick to it.
  3. the details will vary from person to person, and you can design your own template.

A few months ago, I started using Noteplan to record my work every day. The main reason is that now I have to lead several projects at the same time, and every day there would be unexpected situations, so it is difficult to do prior planning of my work content. Keeping such records can help me to find a sense of order and reduce the feeling of powerlessness. I have also started to implement a regular 1-1 in the group, with colleagues who have just joined the group communicating with me once every two weeks and others communicating with me once a month. Although we wanted to keep this regularity, it was often disrupted by unexpected circumstances and had to be done on another day. Overall it was quite rewarding, and these 1-1s allowed me to hear a lot of constructive suggestions, such as to strengthen the testing of the code and add more sharing and learning opportunities to the group. So we put these two into practice as well.

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swyx 介绍了如何写公开的每周工作总结:

  1. 花15分钟写一份其他人5分钟可以读完的总结;
  2. 最重要的是坚持下去;
  3. 具体的内容因人而异,你可以设计自己的模版。

几个月前,我开始每天使用 Noteplan 来记录自己的工作内容。主要是因为现在要同时带几个项目,每天都会有突发情况发生,我的工作内容很难做事先规划,往往一天下来感觉什么都做了,又什么都没做。做这样的记录可以帮助我找回一点秩序感,减少一些无力感。另外也开始在组里推行规律性的 1-1,刚加入组里的同事每两周会和我沟通一次,其他同事每个月和我沟通一次。尽管我们希望保持这样的规律性,但也常常被突发情况打乱,只好改日进行。总体来说收获不少,这些 1-1 让我听到了很多建设性的建议,比如要加强代码的测试,给组里增加更多的分享和学习机会。于是我们也把这两项付诸于实践。

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