Daily Productive Sharing 510 - What Did James Clear Do in 2019?

Daily Productive Sharing 510 - What Did James Clear Do in 2019?
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James Clear reflected on gains and losses in his 2019:

  1. moving up the release date of Atomic Habbits from March 2019 to October 2018 allowed it being in time for the Christmas season, and for everyone to make New Year's wishes.
  2. giving multiple presentations for Atomic Habbits in 2019 were not a lot of work to prepare for because he spent three years writing the book.
  3. the most important efficiency skill he learned was to say no.
  4. even as the author of an efficiency book, he is not perfect, for example, he did not accomplish his fitness goals during the year and wrote much less than in previous years.

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James Clear 回顾了自己2019年的得失:

  1. Atomic Habbits 的发布时间从2019年3月提前到2018年10月,让它赶上了圣诞季,以及大家新年许愿的时机;
  2. 2019年为 Atomic Habbits 作了多场演讲,因为他花了三年时间写这本书,所以这些演讲准备起来并不费劲;
  3. 他学会最重要的效率技能是说不;
  4. 即使身为效率书籍的作者,他也不是十全十美,比如他在这一年没有完成自己的健身目标,写作也比往年少了很多。

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