Daily Productive Sharing 515 - How to Build Wealth?

Daily Productive Sharing 515 - How to Build Wealth?
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Lyn Alden gives advice on how to build wealth quickly, broken down into the following sections.

  1. How to increase your income and save more money
  2. How to achieve a high growth rate on your savings
  3. How to produce passive investment income forever

Her own experience can prove these:

  1. she achieved financial freedom at the age of 33, resigning from her previous career in the airline manufacturing industry to focus on running her own financial analysis website and serving as an independent director of several companies;
  2. she started her own website in college, sold it after graduation, and paid off her student loans with the proceeds;
  3. she worked part-time as a martial arts instructor early in her career;
  4. she is a minimalist and only spends money on what she likes.

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Lyn Alden 给出了如何快速积累财富的建议,主要分为以下几部分:

  1. 如何增加你的收入和储蓄更多的钱
  2. 如何实现储蓄的高增长率
  3. 如何一直产生被动的投资收入


  1. 她在33岁实现财务自由,从之前的航空制造业辞职,专心经营自己的财务分析网站,并担任多家公司的独立董事;
  2. 她大学时就开始经营自己的网站,毕业后将这个网站卖了,通过这笔收入还清了学生贷款;
  3. 她在职业初期曾经兼职担任武术教练;
  4. 她是极简主义者,只在自己喜欢的地方花钱。

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