Daily Productive Sharing 516 - Against Speeding up

Daily Productive Sharing 516 - Against Speeding up
Photo by Chris Liverani / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

While many people listen to podcasts and watch videos by speeding up (including me), David Perell does not recommend doing so:

  1. listening to more podcasts and watching more videos will not necessarily lead to retaining more knowledge.
  2. mastering more knowledge requires that we internalize it, i.e., build long-term memory, and speeding up the playback does not help build long-term advice.
  3. to master more knowledge, instead of consuming more content, we should review what we have already consumed.

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不少人会倍速听 podcast,倍速看视频 (比如我自己),David Perell 并不建议这么做:

  1. 听更多的 podcast,看更多的视频并不一定会让我们掌握更多的知识;
  2. 掌握更多的知识需要我们内化知识,也就是建立长期记忆,而倍速播放无益于建立长期建议;
  3. 要想掌握更多的知识,与其消费更多的内容,不如回顾已经消费的内容。

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