Daily Productive Sharing 521 - How to Deal With Laziness?

Daily Productive Sharing 521 - How to Deal With Laziness?
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Thorsten Ball describes how he overcame laziness and built new habits, many of which are consistent with those described in James Clear's Atomic Habits:

  1. he admits that he is also a very lazy person and has a lot of bad habits, and that making these changes means making himself a little less lazier and changing a little bit of his bad habits.
  2. he imagined that a little change would bring about a qualitative change, such as getting up a few minutes earlier each day and slowly squeezing out the morning hours into large chunks of available time.
  3. that setting ambitious goals is not conducive to building long-lasting habits and that he would rather break these ambitious goals down into smaller ones and achieve them little by little.
  4. achieving small goals broken down one by one helps to build a sense of accomplishment so that confidence is built up.

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Thorsten Ball 介绍了自己如何克服懒惰,建立新习惯的秘诀,其中不少经验和 James Clear 的 Atomic Habits 里介绍的一致:

  1. 他坦诚自己也是一个很懒的人,也有很多坏习惯,做出这些改变就是让自己变得稍微轻快一些,改变一点坏习惯;
  2. 他想象一点点改变会带来质变,比如每天早起几分钟,慢慢地就挤出了早上的时间,变成了大块可用的时间;
  3. 设置宏大的目标无益于建立长久的习惯,他宁可把这些宏大的目标拆解成小目标,一点点实现;
  4. 实现一个个拆解的小目标,有助于建立成就感,这样信心也就建立起来了。

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