Daily Productive Sharing 525 - The Life After FIRE

Daily Productive Sharing 525 - The Life After FIRE
Photo by Patrick Hendry / Unsplash

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Danielle Morrill was Twilio's first employee before she started her own business, and this share was written after she moved to Denver in 2018 after selling her company:.

  1. the last six years of entrepreneurship did nothing to help her personal financial situation.
  2. she could try FIRE because of the growth of Twilio stock.
  3. for her, wealth means freedom and choice.
  4. even for she, life has been up and down.

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Danielle Morrill 是 Twilio 的第一号员工,之后她创业,这篇分享是她在2018年卖掉自己的公司之后,搬到丹佛写的:

  1. 过去六年的创业经历,对她的个人财务状况毫无帮助;
  2. 由于 Twilio 股票的增值,她可以尝试 FIRE;
  3. 对她而言,财富意味着自由,意味着选择;
  4. 即使像她这样,生活也是一直起起伏伏。

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