Daily Productive Sharing 526 - Reducing burnout by finding meaning

Daily Productive Sharing 526 - Reducing burnout by finding meaning
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Burnout is a topic we often discuss, and April Wensel shares her insights:

  1. the biggest trigger for burnout is not strenuous work, but meaningless work.
  2. there are many things management can do to reduce burnout, such as reducing the number of meaningless meetings and giving employees more space.
  3. as employees, we can also reduce burnout by ourselves, such as exercising regularly and finding meaningful parts in meaningless work.

I also try to reduce the impact of work on myself:

  1. four intense CrossFit sessions a week, which burns about 5,000 calories and makes me a lot happier once I enter the CrossFit box.
  2. the work itself doesn't mean much to me, but it makes me feel a little better to build a team and make everyone as happy as possible.
  3. colleagues with different levels of experience need different kinds of help, those with more experience are left to their own and those with less experience need more help, so I try to provide help on a case-by-case basis.

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burnout 是我们经常讨论的一个话题,April Wensel 分享了她的见解:

  1. burnout 最大的诱因并非劳累的工作,而是无意义的工作;
  2. 要减轻 burnout,管理层可以做很多事,比如减少无意义的会议,给雇员更多的空间;
  3. 作为雇员,我们也可以着手减轻 burnout,比如有规律地运动,在无意义的工作中找到有意义的部分。


  1. 每周四次高强度的 CrossFit 训练,大概能消耗 5000 大卡热量,只要一进 CrossFit box 我就开心不少;
  2. 工作本身对我而言没有什么意义,但是能把一个团队建立起来,并让大家能够尽量开心地工作,我也稍微好受一点;
  3. 不同资历的同事需要不同的帮助,资历深的同事就放手让他们自己去做,资历浅的同事需要更多的帮助,所以我尽量因人而异地提供帮助。

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