Daily Productive Sharing 530 - Why No Children?

Daily Productive Sharing 530 - Why No Children?
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

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Danielle Morrill shares her path to not wanting children.

  1. she became pregnant in her first year of marriage and after an abortion, she had an IUD placed;
  2. she calculated the amount of time she currently needs in her life, which is basically too full to carve out for a child
  3. not having children may have closed one door, but left more doors open for other possibilities
  4. it is not impossible to want children even in later life, or to adopt as well.

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Danielle Morrill 分享了自己不想要小孩的新路历程:

  1. 她在结婚后的第一年就怀孕了,堕胎之后,她安上了节育环;
  2. 她计算了自己目前生活所需要的时间,基本已经被占满,无法分出来给孩子;
  3. 不要小孩可能关上了一扇门,但是为其他可能性留出了更多的门;
  4. 即使到了晚年想要孩子也不是不可能,或者也可以领养。

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