Daily Productive Sharing 535 - Serena Williams's Retirement Interview

Daily Productive Sharing 535 - Serena Williams's Retirement Interview
Photo by Geometric Photography / Unsplash

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Williams is a miracle in tennis, having won 23 Grand Slam titles. This Vogue interview is full of power:

  1. she started playing tennis when she was three years old, but wasn't good at it. So she played her initial tour as a chaperone for Venus.
  2. she learned a lot from Venus' failures, which is why the rankings improved very quickly later.
  3. she is a perfectionist, always striving for perfection or she will be angry. And it is this same ruthlessness that has won her many tournaments;
  4. her sister Venus once said that when someone out there says you can’t do something, it is because they can’t do it. But I did do it. And so can you.

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小威廉姆斯是网球界的奇迹,已经获得了23次大满贯头衔。这篇 Vogue 的访谈充满了力量,而且不少照片都是由 Annie Leibovitz 拍摄:

  1. 她三岁时就开始打网球,但并擅长。于是她作为大威廉姆斯的陪练,参加了最初的巡回赛;
  2. 她从大威廉姆斯的失败经历里学到了很多,这也是为什么后来的排名提升非常快;
  3. 她是一个完美主义者,一直在追求完美,不然她会生气。也正是这股狠劲,让她赢得了很多比赛;
  4. 大威廉姆斯曾经说过,如果有人告诉你做不到什么事,那是因为他们自己做不到。我可以做到,所以你也可以。

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