Daily Productive Sharing 538 - Experience of Using Bullet Journal

Daily Productive Sharing 538 - Experience of Using Bullet Journal
Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Kytie Sylor-Miller details her experience with bullet journal.

  1. You can use pen and paper to take bullet journal; it does not matter what notebook is used, it is important to build up this bullet system step by step.
  2. that index pages are an important part of bullet journal, so using a notebook with page numbers allows for more efficient indexing.
  3. the basis of bullet journal is to record everything in a notebook.
  4. future log can be used to record projects that are intended to be done but do not yet have a specific deadline.
  5. she uses a set amount of time each day/week/month to organize her bullet notes.

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Kytie Sylor-Miller 详细介绍了自己使用子弹笔记的经历:

  1. 使用纸笔来记录,使用什么笔记本不重要,重要的是逐步建立这一笔机系统;
  2. 索引页是子弹笔记的重要组成部分,所以使用有页码的笔记本可以更高效地建立索引;
  3. 子弹笔记的基础是在笔记本上记录一切;
  4. 未来记录可以用以记录那些打算做但还没有具体截止日期的项目;
  5. 她每天/每周/每个月会利用固定的时间来整理子弹笔记。

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