Daily Productive Sharing 548 - Big Beliefs

Daily Productive Sharing 548 - Big Beliefs
Photo by Ben Wicks / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Morgan Housel shared his big beliefs:

  1. The inability to forecast the past has no impact on our desire to forecast the future.
  2. No one’s success is proven until they’ve survived a calamity.
  3. It takes less effort to increase confidence than it does ability.
  4. Incentives are the strongest force in the world.
  5. Sitting still feels reckless in a fast-moving world, even in situations where it offers the best odds of long-term compounding.
  6. It’s hard to determine what is dumb luck and what is unfortunate risk.
  7. Calm plants the seeds of crazy.
  8. Stories are more powerful than statistics, because they’re easier to understand and contextualize to your own life.
  9. As Aldous Huxley writes, “Man has an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”
  10. Most people are blind to their own faults.

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Morgan Housel 分享了自己的投资观,或者说他的世界观:

  1. 无法预测过去,对我们能否预测未来没有影响。
  2. 人是否成功要到他们在灾难中幸存下来才能被验证。
  3. 增强信心所需的努力比增加能力所需的努力少。
  4. 激励是世界上最强大的力量。
  5. 在一个快速发展的世界里,,特别是在长期复利的情况下,保持静止看似很莽撞。
  6. 很难确定哪些是愚蠢的运气,哪些是不幸的风险。
  7. 疯狂的种子是在平静中埋下的。
  8. 故事比统计数字更有力,因为它们更容易理解,并与你自己的生活结合起来。
  9. 正如赫胥黎所写的,"人有一种几乎无限的能力,可以把事情视为理所当然"。
  10. 大多数人对自己的过失视而不见。

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