Daily Productive Sharing 555 - Fuck You Money

Daily Productive Sharing 555 - Fuck You Money
Photo by Bianca Berg / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Jason Roberts presents his views on Fuck you money:

  1. the essence of fuck you money is to have freedom.
  2. when we don't have enough money, we work for it; when we have too much money, we are kidnapped by wealth;
  3. Before we have Fuck you money, all we have is "f*ck you, I own you" money.

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Jason Roberts 介绍了他对 Fuck you money 的看法:

  1. Fuck you money 的本质是拥有自由;
  2. 钱不够的时候,我们为了钱而努力;钱太多的时候,我们又会被财富所绑架;
  3. 还没有拥有 Fuck you money 之前,我们拥有的只是 "f*ck you, I own you" money。

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